George and Junior are two characters from their only four shorts (one of them banned for racistsum) and only two modern cartoons in the WHAT A CARTOON!! show. They first appeared in Spongebob and Friends meet Oliver and Company, as dog cacthers, but easily outwitted by Dudger's street smarts, and that Dudger also took adanaged of their tex avery cartoon-like comedic stupidity.

George is a smart, small one, Junior is tthe big, dumb-headed one, who gets disiplented by George for any stupid thing Junior does by simply kicking him in the butt.

They are simply Neutrol characters, cause while not with the louge, it's clear they aren't with the leage or other villain teams because they later appeared after Scroop and Deadpool left, or that they didn't showed up with them, or did they had other villains with them.